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Gin Farallon is crafted to delight the senses. We build on 400 years of distilling tradition to create a micro-batch gin with a nuanced and unique personality. Explore Gin Farallon neat with a twist of citrus, or as the soul of the perfect cocktail.

Off the Still

New Gin


Holy Wood & Cask is the world’s first gin made with aromatic Ecuadorean Palo Santo, or “Holy Wood.” We condition this gin for two months in new American oak barrels, then it’s infused with Palo Santo.


Blackfruit Gin is a juniper-forward gin expression built on a rich foundation of distilled black plums, with a nod to Eastern European traditions.




In california

Twelve Premium Botanicals

We curate only the finest premium botanicals from around the world to create Gin Farallon’s exquisite flavor balance.

Hand-Zested Citrus

Fresh grapefruit, zested by hand, gives  Gin Farallon its uniquely aromatic sweet citrus profile.

Vapor Infusion

We distill the most delicate botanicals using vapor infusion to preserve subtle flavors  and aromas.

 Six-Weeks of Relax Time

After distillation our gins are rested for up to 6 weeks to ensure the development of full flavor complexity before bottling.


Produced in the Bay area

Available now!